Nasty Criminal Strips Naked In Backseat, Cops Horrified To See What He Put In His Mouth

Police were finally able to track down a man who had violated his parole and arrest him before starting the trek to jail. However, things would take a shocking turn as the nasty man decided to strip naked in the backseat of the cruiser – but even the officers were left horrified to see what the disgusting animal put inside his mouth while he was back there.

Twitchy reports that the Richmond Police Department in California recently took to social media to explain exactly what officers have to go through on a daily basis, using a recent experience to provide the perfect example. It all began when police were notified there was a wanted person in the area, and they decided to send a few cops to check things out.

Come to find out, the tip was right, and they were able to quickly find the suspect, who initially gave them a fake name. Too bad for him, there was actually an arrest warrant out for the name he gave. Of course, when he realized that he was about to be hauled off to jail, he gave officers his real name.

However, police would learn that the man had an arrest warrant out for his real name as well and subsequently placed him in cuffs. While in the cruiser on the way to jail, the responding officers learned that the man was actually out on parole, which is just about the time the suspect became extremely belligerent and out of control.

Without warning, the man slipped out of his cuffs and began to strip naked before shoving his clothes out of the window. At the same time, officers noticed a rancid smell circulating the cabin of the car only to look back and see that the man had defecated inside the cruiser – but it only got worse.

As if the suspect’s body smearing the feces all around the backseat wasn’t bad enough, what he did next was enough to make the officers pull over and call for backup. According to KRON 4, the nasty criminal scooped up some of his own excrement, placed it inside his mouth, and then began to spit it at the officers in the front seat.

Officers quickly blocked off a portion of the freeway in order to keep all officers (both original and the additional backup that had begun to arrive) out of danger as they re-secured the man into a “compliance safety device.” Fortunately, they were able to do just that and take the man to jail, but that hasn’t stopped any readers from being entirely disgusted by the situation:

The department concluded their statement regarding the incident with some much-deserved praise for the officers involved:

Although the left would like to demonize law enforcement officers at every turn, this is exactly the kind of crap (pun entirely intended) they have to deal with on a daily basis. Every day, they volunteer to put their lives and well-being on the line to keep our communities safe, and stories like this prove why they deserve our utmost respect for doing so.

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