Sex Offender Confronted on Camera After Being Caught Outside School with Pants Unzipped

Come on man… There is NO excuse for this. You are outside of the bus stop with your meat out?!

Every since the whole Jared from Subway scandal went down I have found myself with a new extreme hatred for anyone like this. Why do they think they can get away with it? Why does someone think… “hmmm today seems like a good idea to go wait for the kiddies to get off the bus”. AND UNZIP YOUR PANTS!

The girl recording confronted the guy with his pants open and had a few words for him. I am surprised she didn’t start throwing some punches or elbows after seeing what she saw.

I watched a similar video to this last year outside of a playground. The main difference was the two guys who caught the offender were big dudes and they didn’t waste any time going to blows.

She posted the video on social media to help spread the word about this creep. Check out the video below.

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